Big label tries to take control: Interscope blocks Shystie video for ‘Control It’

Shystie feat azealia banks control it



It seems to happen on a regular basis in the music industry right now: big labels trying to control the market and limiting success for independent artists. The latest artist to be caught up in a row with a major record label is UK MC Shystie from Kidutlhood and Adulthood fame.

Late in 2012, after a fruitful twitter relationship with US rapper Azealia Banks and having recorded many tracks together, the two artists worked on a track together called ‘Control It’ from Shystie’s upcoming EP release Pink Mist in April. They even made a video for the song together, and this appears to be the point of contention.



The official unveiling of the video was on March 3rd and until this point Shystie’s people had received ‘full co-operation and agreement from everyone involved’ however Interscope have stepped in last minute in order to block the video.

Azealia Banks tweeted that she was ‘Not feeling that control it video. Label told her not to release. Labels gonna pull it. #womp’ (March 4th) Funny how big US starts like to change their mind last minute. Is it possible that Azealia has caught a touch of the DIVA syndrome from Beyonce and her photo ban?

The official video became private yesterday however with the power of the internet being what it is, the video has already been uploaded by other YouTube users and it seems it won’t stop there. Shystie’s people have said that she ‘has never been one to be backed into a corner; let alone by a powerful corporation’.

Here at TWSH we give our full backing to Shystie, not just because she’s a British artist, but because you should never let a bully take you down. Here’s to the video going viral!


Pre-Order Pink Mist on iTunes

Find out more about Shystie:

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