Blaise ‘Thunderstorm’: Behind the Scenes

Blaise Thunderstorm

So who was lucky enough to kick back with Blaise last month during her video shoot? Yes it was us here at TWSH. If you’re following our twitter you’ve probably seen all the pictures in our feed. The aim of this music video was to show a more mature side to Blaise. Thunderstorm is certainly a catchy and upbeat track yet it still has that mature element to it.

So the time has come to see the finished product… Seeing the making of Thunderstorm set our expectations high, the crew were brilliant. They had the best equipment and were highly organised, all in all a recipe for success.

For the first scene where Blaise is in the dark room show a clean, streamlined entry in to the video. That was the day that we were lucky enough to be on set. The black background and the styling is perfect as it fits the look and the feel of the song completely. Being in the studio gave Blaise a real buzz as she embarked on shooting her second music video, no diva here just a respectable young lady that has a clear idea of what she wants. The quality of that element of the video is brilliant, it juxtaposes against the feel of the house scene, which I feel could have been executed better.

Let’s move on to that part of the video. So we go back and forth with Blaise on her own in the dark and then her with her partner arguing. In the house I really think the set design let it down here as it just seems too cluttered. The styling was brilliant, so was the hair and makeup. So a recipe for success yes, however the execution of one scene has let it down for me, not because of the idea, but for simply having too much going on.

That’s it from me behind the scenes, It was a pleasure being able to chill out with Blaise.

Keep smiling, keep dancing and keep locked on That’s What She Heard.


Check out our previous video review and interview with Blaise.


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