Imagine Dragons ‘Round and Round’


Imagine DragonsThis week via iTunes, we bring you Las Vegas indie rockers Imagine Dragons and their track ‘Round and Round’ ( You might have already heard of them they were on the Frankenweenie unleashed soundtrack). The lads have already done quite well having recently signed with Interscope Records after the successes of their previous EP’s (Imagine Dragons and Hell and Silence). The current members consist of Dan Reynolds – drums, vocals, Ben McKee – bass, backing vocals,  Wayne Sermon – guitar, backing vocals, Dan Platzman – drums, viola, backing vocals. The track reviewed comes from their debut album, Night Visions which is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Round and Round at an initial listen becomes a likable, catchy anthemic sound of engaging synth-pop rock. The melody begins  with a simple guitar riff that might sound a little The Wanted in likeness, but which has the effect of reminding you of long summer days with the windows rolled down low and the music blaring out. Not to worry however, as the guitar riff lasts moments before layering with out and out beverley hills cop era synth guitar melody, which forms the basis of the rest of the track and an early peak in the vocals is an easy and effective hook into the rest of the track so that by the second chorus the lads could start singing ‘The Galaxy Song’ and it would still sound pretty good. They, however sound a little more like the cool Vegas lads they are and less like the troupe from Monty Python.

By the time the vocals and the low harmonics come in the track has already begun to layer in stereo and echo in a similar vein to The Civil Wars. In fact, its a shame that this was released during the Winter, as it could truly have been picked up as one of this years tracks for summer; with lyrics and vocals that have a feel of Fun or The Lumineers in tone and essence of spirit. By the the chorus the feel of the track seems to have been set,  but with an impressive peak and stripped away vocal accompanied by only a guitar at the bridge and before the instrumental solo, adds to the excellently timed and arranged sections of low layered verse and built up chorus.  Finished with an ad libbed backing and stripped vocal  allows for a well produced track which contains an even balance between lyric and instrumental without being boring and even makes it slightly sing-along worthy.

Good sound overall enjoyable, catchy with the kind of tone that makes the air a little lighter.

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Download Round and Round or pre-order Night Visions.

Find out more about Imagine Dragons:

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