Getting to know you: Georgia Barry

Georgia Barry


Hello all, how are we doing this week? We’re brining you an exclusive itnerview with Georgia Barry by way of an early Christmas present. It was unfortuante that we didn’t get to do his one in person, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good one!

From a young age Georgia was influenced by her dad; listening to the likes of Seal, George Michael, Stevie Wonder and so many more great artists of the 80s era. As she grew up she started to buy her own music (yes, we actually had to leave our bedrooms and get dressed to get music back in the day!). Georgia bought songs and albums by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and of course Michael Jackson, and with those purchases she started playing loud music around the house just like her father, like father like daughter. So playing the loud music turned into singing and then making an amazing career out of it, what a way to transcend into adulthood.

We asked Georgia what she would like to see the crowd doing wheh she’s performing: “Either with their eyes glued on me or closing their eyes to enjoy my music.” I can see this definitely happening at one of her gigs as we where fixated on the screen as we watched her video performance of new track ‘Someone to Keep’.

Georgia has been to a fair few gigs in her time and been the performer at a few as well, when we asked Georgia what her most memorable gig was she replied: “Berlin Philharmonic, playing with a full orchestra.” Having seen the lieks of the Royal Philharmonic ourselves we can understand why that would be so memeorable. Despite peoples attitudes to classical music it’s really where most western music started.

We asked the ultimate question that everyone wants to know, who would Georgia like to collaborate with…. So she said “Stevie Wonder would be a dream come true as he inspired an entire genre of music and is one of the most naturally talented artists the world has ever seen”. Defnitely a good chocie, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

With her major influence being Mariah Carey and her fondest memory “The masterclass times with David Lee Brewer. They are a great experience.” Georgia wants to advise those young aspiring artists to keep going and to “Stay true to yourself and don’t let failures get you down.” Wise words and sound advise.

We asked Georgia if she’d ever cried when listening to a song (we know we have!): “Yes, India Arie – Ready for love – still makes me cry now it’s so beautiful and deep”. Georgia described her music as “a fusion of soul, pop and r’n’b” and sad her “life experiences influenced or made the ep. My lyrics are very honest and true to who I am, it’s an insight to my soul.” Thank you Georgia for the amazing insight into your inspirations.

Georgia Barry Beach

So we hope that gives you more of an idea about the very talented, very gorgeous Georgia Barry and what drives her. Check out her new EP ‘Follow My Heart‘.


Find out more about Georgia via our previous article by guest writer Dave Richards


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