Shields ‘Mezzanine’


Here’s bringing you thoughts on this week’s iTunes Single of the Week from the lovely Sheilds and their track Mezzanine. Though it’s had to be a short one this time round (the season’s brought with it the seasonal flu and inability to hear properly) the track in question really needs no further ado. With their catchy melodies and affable musical peaks they’ll gain a sturdy fan base without much of the waxing lyrical adage from yours truly.

Instead the five lads from Newcastle (and that’s all that I’ve managed to find out about them) really know how to work electronics and harmonies as well as instrumentals it seems and are pretty innovative in bringing it all to bear.

Mezzanine is the first track from their debut E.P. Kaleidoscope and brings to the board instant electro pop. The track is shot into focus from the very beginning with a seemingly simple but  vibrant club dub-step-ish melody that sounds a little like the Wanted mixed up in indie rock. Enjoyable vocals with good harmonies, uncluttered arrangement and a bouncy rhythm with catchy lyrics is the buoyant element that really helps to carry the song.

There’s something of  The Minutes in their ability to liven up the room with a graceful rockabilly element that sounds a little along the lines of  Iron and wine and MGMT.  If you listen hard enough the track is slightly reminiscent Christmas retail music ala Top-shop; but with a gentle synth tone. At least that’s how it started at first.

Though the track in its entirety doesn’t build very much in terms of changing arrangement throughout, it doesn’t leave you bored. Instead it zips along like an EQ line on an audio edit clearly and with enough rhythm to keep heads bouncing, toes tapping and bodies moving in time to its quality. Regularly changing between melody lines  of verse and chorus with enough time to leave for on time and pinging guitar and computer based solos, entwined with lyrical melody that carries the song along to its slower paced and stripped down ending till it stops with a final lingering word.

Short and sweet this week, definitely one to catch now.


Download Mezzanine and Kaleidoscope

Find out more about Shields:

Facebook Instagram SoundCloud Twitter YouTube Website


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