Felix Hagan and The Family

Felix Hagan and The Family


To end the year, this weeks video review is about a lovely guy called Felix (not the cat from the advert), and because it’s the last review of the year we’re going to review two of his videos for you, you lucky things! The first is ‘Despertion Reeks’ and the second is ‘Dirty Little Urchin Child’. So without further ado we present to you Felix Hagan and the Family

Desperation Reeks has a distinct Charlie Chaplin theme mixed with burlesque costumes and the video encompasses a range of themes. It’s safe to say that this is not my kind of music video but I did enjoy it nevertheless. It’s a good quality production, clean cut with a theatrical theme, it lasts for over 4mins but you really don’t notice the length. The video is a short story which is intriguing and quite simply mad. The black and white movie against low light and the dramatic costumes are a good combination in this video. I’m truly lost for words…

Dirty Little Urchin Child is twisted and dark, but brilliant, the quality of the video is very good. It’s not as long as Desperation Reeks, Dirty Little Child is just over 3 minutes. When I started watching the video I thought I was watching a horror film from the 70’s, not in quality, but in the costume and hair and make up choice. Just like Desperation, Dirty Little Child, has clean shots that move back and forth between a strange set up and Felix going to what seems to be a house party and having a good time. By using different effects we see Felix deteriorate throughout the night. This is juxtaposed with Felix pictured with two lovely ladies in period costumes added to this twisted video essence.

It’s clear to see that In both videos the costume and the make up are key to adding to the different scenes in both music videos. They’re two brilliant videos, a must watch for all of us! For us we felt like it was some crazy mix between Mika and Rufus Wainwright. So the last two videos of the year… Wait that’s not right we have something special next week. Keep your eye on the blog, keep dancing, keep smiling.


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