Narz Golden and Chase Ferrari ‘Painkillers and Pornography’

Narz Golden and Chase Ferrari


Hey Dolls and Dudes, well this week we really have crossed over to the dark side. Narz Golden and Chase Ferrari tweeted us a little while ago to see if we could review their video, we were delighted to.

Lets get started, the front cover to ‘Painkillers and Pornography’ is misleading to the average Joe (not that Joe is an average name), but not us here at TWSH. We expected the dark-side figuratively, what we did not expect is the entire videoto be shot in black and white. I’m a lover off noir films and this really is a brilliant piece fo work. I was sucked into this vide, mesmerised by the life of the woman unfolding in front of me on the screen. A rollercoaster of emotions were illustrated on screen and guided by the lyrics, it reminded me of a film I watched recently called ‘Ill Manors’, where the beat of the song determind the pace of the film and the lyrics told the story of the characters. Just like ‘Ill Manors’, ‘Painkillers and Pornography’ uses the lyrics and the images on the screen to paint a full picture.

The track opens with a simple low angle shot of a car stopping and the music very low, the tone for the video is set by the dark background and lyrics that remain with you throughout, ‘the very thing that helps us escape reality, keeps us on….’ The video then takes you on a journey of what appears to be a young womans day. The video shows her Natyical day, whislt the lyrics fill in her past, present and what could be her possible future. The medium close up’s let us get close to the her and extreme close ups highlight the main influences on her life.

As much as I said this music video was dark it really highlights an ignored section of society. We could even say that Narz Golden and Chase Ferrari wanted to show lost souls to drugs and drink, unlike other rappers who rap about drugs and how ‘dope’ they are and not the effects theses substances have on peoples lives. These guys are educating a generation with their music and being a positive influence (despite the bad language!). The video ends with the woman we’ve been following standing on a ledge with the final lyric ‘Leaps of faith are taken by those no longer willing to run’. What a powerful way to end a video, not only does it send chills up your spine, it allows us to indulge in the musical talent that is Narz Golden and Chase Ferrari.

I would recommend you watch the video and really pay attention to it all, not only does it open up a load of questions about our society but the lyrics are outstanding. Brilliant music  and a brilliant video, all together I think an interview is in order to find out more about these guys. So that’s it for this weeks TWSH video review. Continue letting us know what you guys and girls think, we’ve been getting some great feedback. Have a good week, keep smiling, keep dancing.


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