14th ‘Take Me There’

Hey guys and girls, this weeks review is all about the duo 14th. Their ‘Take Me There’ music video is intriguing to say the least. Singer- songwriter Tracey Duodu and Producer Tom Barber are the 14th, these two are on to an amazing vibe of music, mixing soul with garage that has hints of a late 80s/early 90s feel to it. The video is a soft montage using different media, from the softly lit warehouse to the tv like stands projecting videos of Tom and Tracey in the cold that is London (methinks).

The video is simple yet effective, you’re drawn in by the montage and refocused on Tracy when we see her laying down on what appears to be the rest of her untied kimono. The constant cutaways between Tracy laying down and herself and Tom in the cold in the other projections is a great tool to keep us engaged. The silhouettes of Tom are very mysterious, and the extreme close ups of Tracy’s lips add a sensuous feel to the video.

The colour scheme throughout the video is dark and yet welcoming, the orange Kimono that Tracy is wearing is an unusual shade of orange. I feel that they could have done more with the wardrobe, played with it more, possibly have raised Tracy on a platform and placed fans underneath, so it looks like she was floating. Then they would have fully utilised her costume. The makeup is minimalistic and I do love the centre square on Tracy’s lips, it gives it a feel of The Black Eyed Peas.

Taking a look at another of their videos slightly, we can see the pair do like to play with lighting. We never see Tom in full light only snips of him and it leaves me wondering weather the mysterious look is… Well I’ll save that for an interview with them?

Well that’s me done for today, I do hope you are all well and enjoy this weeks reviews. The girls hear at TWSH are really getting things on the go, keep your eyes locked on this blog. Keep smiling, keep dancing.


Find out more about 14th:

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