Polar Caps: ‘Will You’ and ‘The Breakaway’

Hello dolls and dudes, last weeks review was loved by the lion and the wolf, and I managed to get the girls here at twsh obsessed with Stooshe. This week it’s another fantastical review (thats another one, of our made up words), Polar Caps are under the spotlight, both literally and figuratively, in these two videos.

I had to watch the video a few times to give a fair review, and the more I llistened and watched, the more I realised that boys really dislike spending large amounts of money on weddings. Well in this kind of recession I don’t think any of us could spend much on a wedding.

We’re looking at two videos this week, the first is ‘Will You’. It takes us through a story. From the start of the big day we see the lead singer go though the days events. The story is beautifully illustrated with the lyrics of the song. The lead singer has two costume changes, one for the story scene and one for the performance scene. The first costume is a checked shirt and each member of the acking badn ahs their own unique look, but they still belnd togehter nicely to show unity. The second costume is so out of place in the story scene, with a mod rock look, the singer is delberately made to stand out.. We cutaway to the bands instruments and then to the soft spotlights in the background which adds to the bright dreamy atmosphere.

The second track ‘The Breakaway’, is a lovely intimate video. The video has a simialr concept as ‘Will You’ when cutting between shots of isntruements and the singer. The soft focus allows us to sit back and listen to the track while admiring the video. The costume stays the same throughout the the video, which is good as we feel drawn in and more relaxed as if we’re realyl getting to know Polar Caps.

I love these videos from Polar Caps, both show a different side to the artist. ‘Will You’ allows the opportuntiy to tell a story whilst still being a showcase whereas ‘The Breakaway’ is a more personal, grown up video with no need to illustrate the story. Between the two videos Polar Caps goes through a change to allow us to see different sides to him. Personally I like both videos equally, as each represents the song in a different way.

Well that’s it for this weeks review, next week I’m gonna be reviewing…. Ooh you’ll have to come back and see. Have an awesome weekend, keep smiling, keep dancing.


Download Polar Caps Solutions EP

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