The Lion and the Wolf ‘Hand of Applause’

Hey, I hope you are all well, and thanks for checking out this weeks reviews! This weeks video comes from The Lion and the Wolf and his single ‘Hand of Applause’.

I would like to first of all congratulate them on the cinematography, it is outstanding. The quality of the image is amazing and I was blown away by the clarity, it almost felt like I was watching a short film.

Ok, so getting down to the nitty gritty. We are introduced to Tom the artist in a very symbolic manor having the guitar laying down next to him on the bench, sets us up for the video and song for that matter, from there we travel with The Lion and the Wolf as if we are with him, he interacts with the camera developing a relationship with the audience through the lens. The feeling that the Lion and the Wolf have a story and a history is seen through the make shift guitar strap, adding to the soft feel of the video. The costume is a true representation of the artist which is nice, and allows the audience to have that consistency when they see The Lion and the Wolf in concerts. The makeup… mmm I don’t think he is wearing any, if he is I like…

The video takes us on a journey of the amazing scenery, while listening to the song and taking it all in. The only down fall to this video is the lack of consistency from day to night, we constantly go back and forth between late evening and sunset. Its slightly off putting but its not a major issue. All in all, apart from that I love this video and I’m looking forward to seeing more from The Lion and the Wolf.

That is it for this weeks Video review however it’s not over yet. With so much going on in the world, we here at “Thats what she heard” have been busy keeping up with current affairs. The re-election of the US president Obama, has shown that people can make a come back.

So I was watching the top 40, I know, I was cleaning in my defence, and a familiar song accompanied by an unfamiliar video and girl band, as it was blasting out of my TV screen, I’m pretty sure four blocks down could hear it. Stooshe have a cover of TLC’s Waterfall. Im not a huge fan of covers by bands however this is an amazing cover that encompass the new generation and shows that the worries of the 90’s are still prominent today. The video is outstanding, in using a new medium to express the lyrics of the song, we are left feeling as lifted as if TLC’s original video was playing. It was also great to see the surviving two members of the group in the video. Hats off to Stooshe, I respect the video and the way they covered this song.

Now thats it for this week, next week I’ll be checking out Polar Caps, so tune in and stay locked to this blog because we aren’t stopping. Check out our other reviews, it’s the weekend have a blast, we sure will.


Find out more about The Lion and the Wolf:

BandCamp Facebook

Find out more about Stooshe:

Facebook Twitter Website YouTube


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