Swim Deep

Anyone closely following the complicated world of indie-music currently will have noticed the emergence of an unlikely scene in the midlands. It’s one that’s filled with synthesisers, ironically sun-soaked sounds and a grimy undertone of shimmering reverberating guitars and laid-back attitude.

The first sign of such a movement was when a little-known band called Peace released a song called Follow Baby, which went onto grab the attention of thousands of indie fans and land them a major-label record deal.

Since that moment it seems like all eyes ave been on the Birmingham music scene where indie cross-over bands like The Carpels and JAWS are under the microscope from some of the biggest names in the industry.

But there’s one band that exemplify the movement that’s happening in Birmingham currently more than any other – that band are Swim Deep – a gaggle of four homeless-looking teenagers who;s music has been making huge waves.

Airplay on Radio 1, another major label record deal sell-out shows in Birmingham and Brixton and a UK-wide tour.

As Peace caught the imagination of the world with one song, so did Swim Deep with their track King City, an echoing, dreamy song with the endearing chorus-line ‘Fuck you romance, I wanna pretend, that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend’.

The video is a glimpse into life in Birmingham currently that looks as though it were made on a shoestring budget. A handful of truly great bands whose extrovert style and ‘suck it and see’ attitude to music has created a new-wave sound that just can’t be found in other ares of the country at the moment.

But that’s what this town is all about now and if you don’t live there you’ll just have to dive in and find out for yourself.

-Dave Richards

Find out more about Swim Deep:
Facebook Soundcloud  Tumblr YouTube


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