Velvet Stream

This week we are introducing you to our latest love: Velvet Stream. A female fronted alternative pop/rock band from London who site influences including Patti Smith, Lene Lovich and The Beach Boys. With influences like that they certainly have a lot to live up to and so far they are doing well. They made it to the top 20 for MTV’s Brand New Unsigned Artist 2012 and have played at the infamous Shoreditch House and the world famous Ronnie Scott’s. This week we’re going to review their EP Thumbs & Toes which was released about a year ago. They do however have a new EP on the way and you can listen to the demo versions on their SoundCloud.

The passion, ferocity and all encompassing 50s tone of the lead singer puts you in mind of early Elvis ‘Clam bake’ movies. Velvet Stream are clearly not afraid to try anything and with a vibrant fusion of sound and tone that goes everywhere; from early Monkees to 90s real soul, smooth jazz. Their EP seems to have everything from pop esque bounce to country smooth and 70s soul elective. There’s a great range of vocal harmonies and textures throughout, with great male and female contrast later on in the tracks.

Selfish Mind reminds us of Debbie Harry/Blondie, but much more upbeat. With elements of Caro Emerald’s vibe and vitatlity, just more raucous. Add in the envious Etta esque bass with the comfortable singing range and you just can’t help but sing along. When it first started it did remind us of something from Josie and the Pussycats, but considering how much we love that movie, we’re hardly going to complain.

Jukebox took is in a different direction altogether, with a lilting, soothing, slow moving 80s montage feel ala Tori Amos or Kate Bush, just without the drama. We reckon this one wouldn’t be out of place in a David Lynch movie.

Thumbs and Toes is a very short EP but showcases them well. It gives Velvet Stream a really unique, pleasing and addictive sound either way. One for making dinner on rainy days or for really waking up on a Monday. Whilst we are looking forward to their new EP and what it may bring, there are moments where their range and melodic qualities of songs can appear in too stark a contrast, so as to create a disjointed feel rather than a united whole. We can’t say if this is a purposeful selection choice based on showing their full range or if that EP was just setting the tone. With their bouncy, eclectic electricity Velvet Stream are definitely ones to watch, sadly we can only stream them for the time being, but they will be downloaded and played on full blast at a later date!


Find out more and listen to Velvet Stream here:

Facebook Last.Fm MySpace ReverbNation SoundCloud Twitter Youtube


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