Kristina Train ‘Dream of Me’

Single of the Week has offered us Kristina Train, someone who isn’t as new to the music biz as you might think. She has been performing with choirs and professionally in bands as far back as 1999 (we were only about 10 years old at the time!). She has even performed with the likes of Rosa King and Herbie Hancock, expect good things from this lady. She’s also very pretty.

Her single Dream of Me is from her recently released second album ‘Dark Black’. It has the equally dreamy and focused echoes of Rumer and Nancy Sinatra. The beginning coincides with a heavy bass/drum/guitar medley with a mellow sixties/seventies theme, reminiscent of Duffy’s ‘Mercy’ or a smoother, mellower version of The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’. As this continues it gives way to Kristina’s husky, somewhat southern american sounding vocals while also highlighting a very well honed tone with a careful and considered rich bluesy range. All the while the melody and the background instrumental mixes with the vocals to seemingly life the song along, all the while keeping the same unhurried theme of sixties-esque drama without drowning Kristina out under heavy handed drum or guitar solos.

Overall Dream of Me is lovely, though it feels like quite a short track, as the melody and the first and second phrases seem to melt into one another as do the verses and chorus, with little changing in between (apart from a slightly odd but well pulled off guitar riff bridge). Lyrically the song is an entrancing mix of longing and heartbreak with an element of hope and a want for happiness. Though this particular track could probably be quite easily skipped by and forgotten, there’s nothing to make you go ‘That’s the song, that’s the one I couldn’t remember’, it could play in the background whilst pottering at home, but won’t necessarily make you stop and listen. We’re not saying we don’t like it, it’s a great track but could be easily missed.

Kristina’s voice is addictive, while the song itself succeeds in bringing to mind black and white togo boots, beehive hairdos, shag carpets and those plastic hanging chairs by a roaring fire.

Definitely a SOTW to grab hold of.


Download Dream of Me and pre-order Dark Black.

Find out more about Kristina Train here:

Facebook SoundCloud Twitter Website Youtube


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