Georgia Barry

With influences including The Supremes, Yolanda Adams and Jazmine Sullivan; Georgia Barry is not your average soloist. Motown and soul influence is intertwined into every verse of her R&B infused music, hurtling the genre into the 21st century.

It’s a sound that’s already attracted the attention of Beyonce Knowles former vocal coach David Lee Brewer, who recently became the London singers vocal coach.

Georgia’s music flies between down-tepo numbers that are very vocally-focused, despite her live backing band, and some fast and furious tracks that sit somewhere between Whitney Houston and pop-oriented music by the likes of Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.

Her live performance is fairly unique in London, given that the amount of soul musicians touring various venues is very small, and her backing band really lift the performance aspect of her music. It’s this uniqueness that won her a place at OxJam festival last weekend and regular gigs throughout the capital.

She recently released a live-video for her track I’m In Love, a somewhat mellow but emotional love song, that may grab some attention in a genre that is currently vastly overooked.

The track is from her debut EP called Follow My Heart – a four-track introduction to Georgia that, like marmite, you’ll probably either love or hate depending on you view of some of her influences.

There are times when Georgia edges towards the 90s style of Mariah esque pop-princess before snapping back to the more powerful tones of some of her older influences. Overall it’s the power of her classically-trained voice that will make most audiences stand up and take note.

The commercial aspect of her sound has made Georgia a regular of several radio stations nationwide and she was even recently selected to be the face of fashion brand Cross Culture Fashion’s summer clothing line.

– Dave Richards

Download Follow My Heart.

Find out more about Georgia Barry here:

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