Breaking Boundaries

The emergence of folk music as a neo-cool musical resource for East London hipsters to cool-out to is no new trend. In fact, it is this very phenomenon that has also created a backlash of folk music that’s touching on numerous other genres to avoid jumping on the preverbal bandwagon.
Luke Ritchie is one such artist, who has transitioned from his roots as one part of an indie band, to a solo artist whose music twists and delves into a variety of different genres, still with folk as the centre point.
His debut album ‘The Waters Edge’ shows not signs of his indie-roots – instead a collection of mellow love songs and down-beat acoustic numbers. That said, there’s a power to Luke’s voice which ensures that the listener is hooked on every line and every poetic verse.
In an effort to virally spread the new album in a more traditional format than via the Internet, Luke recently began giving away small tobacco tins with his music on an MP3 player to people who were travelling across the world.
His ‘music-box’ concept was simple – get people to take the music-box somewhere, photograph themselves listening to the album and then pass it onto someone else.
The result is that the 80 music boxes that were passed out to people have travelled all over the world – Egypt, China, Alaska Australia to name just a few.
In fact, you can track the boxes on his website.
The lead single from ‘The Waters Edge’, Butterfly, is a perfect example of Luke’s easy-listening style fused with fast-paced drums and a mix of different vocal tones.
Luke Ritchie is best experienced in a live format with his backing band though. With an army of instrumentation it’s hard to ignore the power of his voice.
-Dave Richards
Download The Waters Edge on iTunes.
Find out more about Luke Ritchie here:

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