Lawson ‘Waterfall’



‘Nuff said really, but we’re better than that so let’s fill you in.

Lawson are this weeks iTunes selection for SOTW. They are a UK based boyband who play some guitars, are signed to Polydor and have been around since 2009. We don’t think anymore information is needed except they have supported both The Wanted and Avril Lavigne on tour, we think that will set the scene enough. We do however think that they are quite good looking, but not enough for us to like the music.

Waterfall is pop rock with a side of country. Like someone took The Wanted and Lonestar, mashed them together and took out any bass line. Basically Bieber if he didn’t get into ‘hip hop’ and grew up another couple years. Ick. Maybe we would have liked this if we were fifteen and watching Gilmore Girls (but we’re sure even they had better music). But, it’s difficult to listen to. Don’t get us wrong, the vocals are smooth and the harmonies are spot on, but it sounds manufactured. From the underlying melodic guitar riffs, to the epic ballady bridge and weird violin add on towards the end. (And, there’s meant to be four of them! Why does it sound like there’s only two – come on boys, even JLS had that figured out early on). It all plays at the kind of high frequency you used to get with the songs they printed the lyrics for in the old Top of the Pops magazine. It’s fine if you want background music, maybe with something that had catchy lyrics, but if you want something with a little more meaning, go grab your Dads old ‘Cash records and play them at high volume. Better yet, stick with Westlife, pre-the cover- years.

So for us, this weeks single is a big DO NOT DOWNLOAD. However we’re sure they’ll get a massive following, this kind of group always do… *sigh*


Find out more at your own peril:

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