Jake Bugg ‘Taste It’


This week we have the already famous, man of the moment, Jake Bugg for this weeks SOTW offering. When you listen to ‘Taste it’ you’re pretty sure to recognise it as it’s been on the BBC playlist after he made it to their introducing stage at Glastonbury last year. He also had one of his songs featured in a Greene King IPA advert, has recently toured with Noel Gallagher and was described as a ‘Talented little f**ker’ by Example on Twitter. Phew… and that’s not all of it, there’s a tonne more stuff you can find out through google and his website. So in just a year of his Facebook fan page being active, young Jake (he’s only 18!) has now made it to iTunes single of the week just as he’s off to tour with Snow Patrol in the USA.

So what do we at TWSH think of it? We bloomin’ love it (did we mention he’s from Nottingham?). It’s a great track that will appeal to kids, teenagers, the mid life crisis lot and the rents! It starts off quite simplistically with a serious 50s rhythm guitar driving in the background, harking back to the likes of good old bebop jazz and country and western rhythms. This continues throughout the song giving it that stripped, raw feel that you’d expect from that era. It really allows us to focus on the young tone of Jakes vocals and even reminds us of the natural bouncy beat, harmonics and melodies of early Beatles tracks, with a hint towards some early Arctic Monkeys and more acoustic Kings of Leon.

The song takes a while to build, it’s a third of a way through when the next block of guitar and drums really kicks in, making itself known in the break which develops into a great driving wall of sound just over halfway through. This gives the song a meaty, retro, rock and roll fell that will have you bobbing your head along and drumming your fingers in time with the beat.

The lyrics are catchy and and memorable , and the song has a muted edge to it that again is reminiscent of the late 50s/early 60s pop eg country, rock and roll and jazz, and rather than detract from the song it only serves to add texture and develop the tone of the song further. With such laid back and catchy lyrics, this doesn’t disappoint, fitting perfectly with the melody.

The solo guitar scale near the end is edgy and a little unexpected but sits perfectly with the rest of the track and we don’t think we’ve heard anything of this strand of music since maybe The Ordinary Boys or that of Elvis’ contemporaries.

Overall it’s a simplistic structure, which by no means makes it bad. There are no fancy gimmicks with this song, no techno/rock/punk/smooth jazz fusion alternative stuff going on here. It’s just a good old fashioned rock and roll/country track done very well. Now we need to hear the rest of the album!

Download ‘Taste it’ and ‘Saffron’ for free or buy his debut album ‘Jake Bugg’.


Find out more about Jake here:

Facebook SoundCloud Twitter Website Youtube


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