The Shallows ‘Fairly True’: Drugs Make You Dream About Your Doctor

All right dolls and dudes around the world, this week I have a review of a music vid that is sure to space you out, which is just what it did to me!

The Shallows video for their single ‘Fairly True’ was very interesting. When I say interesting I mean I had to watch it twice because the first time I spaced out and by the time it had finished I was still staring at the screen a tad confused. All this will be explained as you continue reading.

Before I watching the video I decided to do some research on The Shallows: 2,001 followers on Twitter and 439 likes on Facebook (October 2012) and they don’t seem to be stopping. However you can see from the TWSH review of them from earlier this month that’s about all there is on them, their website is all about the music. Mmmm… So I thought to myself let’s watch this music video, we should be able to get to know the band a bit more through that.

It’s fresh in its choice of location and colour scheme, whether this was done to attract a younger audience is a question I can’t answer, but the imagery used tells a story aided by the rhythm and beat of the music.The cinematography is pulled off beautifully, as a complete package the video is really clean. To me it did feel a little too clean and more like a pop song at times, I honestly expected Carly Ray Jonson to pop up (sorry lads!). Whilst the colours, costume and set design make this music video a feel good one, the lyrics contradict this (check out our review of them). Looking at The Shallows website and target audience, I wouldn’t have married this video with them, in some ways I’m not sure if it was the right choice. However I can definitely see how they’d gain a wider audience with the two juxtaposed approaches to the music and video. It is definitely worth a watch, even if it is just for the half dressed, sea side frolics of the two main characters (a male and female to appeal to both sexes) and of course the music is awesome.

I also had a think about underlying themes with music videos and if it’s worth having them, and i think it definitely is. It can be used as a powerful tool to promote the work of the artist and their beliefs. For instance if we look at videos b artists like Jay Z and Kanye West, their videos openly make reference to the illuminati conspiracy. So what about The Shallows? The main underlying theme taken from this video is that drugs make you hallucinate. Whether or not the video is intended to promote or oppose drugs is a blurry line. Just like the contrast between their lyrics and video work, and the secretiveness promoted through their website, we can’t work out where The Shallows are coming from. Maybe they’re waiting to make their big entrance and spill all the beans to HELLO when they get famous, maybe they’re secret agents….sorry wrong review! The best thing we can think of is they want the music to speak for itself and go all Gorillas on us… no screaming fan girls for you then lads.

So I guess the last question and the easiest of them all is would I watch this video again? I would say yes, i definitely would, it’s not going to tell me anymore about The Shallows, but i love the aesthetics and the music is good.

So that’s the first video review, let me know what you think! I love to voice my opinion so lets hear yours as well, on both the video and the review. I’d love to know if anyone else gets a bit spaced out from this. Have a good week dolls and dudes and keep your eyes peeled for the next TWSH video review.


More about The Shallows here:

Facebook  SoundCloud  Twitter  Website


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