Kassassin Street

Kassassin Street are a 5 piece band from the seaside town of Portsmouth in Hampshire, England. They are: Rowan Bastable, Nathan Hill, Ryan Hill, Andy Hurst andTom Wells.They have had some success with their debut EP, aptly entitled EP, which has been played on the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio.
On their website the lads describe themselves as being influenced by ‘psychedelic art and music’ which seems rather fitting as the first listen to their new EP ‘Moloko Vellocet’ made us think these guys should’ve been on the soundtrack for Train spotting. We’d describe them as a mix of Massive Attack, The Gorillas and Kings of Leon with an air of Brit Pop.
Their opening track ‘Play Dead’ is the one that made us think Massive Attack and the vocals made us think Gorillas. At first you’d think that the contrast of the vocals and the heavy and slightly moody techno won’t work, but as the track progresses it’s very easy to settle into. There’s a trance feel to this whilst at the same time feeling very Brit Pop ala Blur or Pulp.
The second track ‘Centre Straight Atom’ picks up the pace from the first track. It still has a moody, dark and heavy feel to it, but with a driving pace you’d expect from the likes of Muse and Hard-Fi. It’s impossible to sit still whilst listening to this track but also difficult to dance to due to the rocky feel. We ended up doing some rather bad chair dancing to this one.
The last track ‘Talk in Riddles’ whilst keeping along a similar feel took is in a slightly different direction to the first two tracks. With a mix of 80s funk-esk rhythms that you’d expect from the likes of Jurassic Five the track develops into a a back beat synonymous with a 90s funky house feel. All the while we’re being moved through the track by this techno riff that brings us nicely into the instrumental break before the penultimate section of the track.
There’s a definite theme running through this EP with slight variations on each track, but with each feeling connected to the others. It gives a well rounded feeling to the EP. We reckon these tracks would be well suited to movie soundtracks along the lines of the Matrix or Train Spotting.
This EP is short but sweet. We look forward to hearing more from Kassassin Street in the future and hearing them develop with time.
Download Moloko Vellocet and EP.
Find out more about the lads using the following links:

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