Last Dinosaurs ‘Zoom’

This weeks single comes from Aussie pop rockers Last Dinosaurs. Made from two brothers, Sean and Lachlan, and their high school friends, Sam and Dan, the guys have been together since 2007, which is a long time considering their youngest member is only 18 years old (he would have been 13!).

Annoyingly to find out any real info about them we had to use the international version of their website. The UK version is really sparse when it comes to info, however we did get a free download of their lovely track ‘Honolulu’.

When you go to the international site there’s loads of info, including a full breakdown of their album ‘In A Million Years’ going song by song. We won’t repeat it here for you (the above link will get you there).

So let’s tell you about ‘Zoom’, the SOTW. It honestly did take us a bit by surprise, listening to perky pop rock first thing on a Tuesday morning is enough to frazzle any sleepy brains. So we had a few listens and we have to say it’s definitely a grower, and most definitely something you’ll listen to when you’re doing something active, like getting ready to go out.

Last Dinosaur have vocals and harmonies reminiscent of 90’s pop ala Third Eye Blind or the Spin Doctors, but in this song it’s switched up to the point that it can sound quite discordant. We were expecting something a bit more like Straight Lines. However they have a colourful, catchy sounding vibe with a strong layered guitar riff, which reminds us vaguely of MGMT. Whilst it does become highly addictive after a few listens we decided this track wouldn’t be out of place on the TopShop soundtrack or even live at Glastonbury, they definitely suit the current hipster generation.

The intro strongly reminded us of a J-pop intro for Japanese anime on the first listen; which, while different in today’s alternative pop world was a tiny bit disconcerting. There were some moments of pure gold where the melody and tempo evened out so that the track sounded more in sync with the fusion backbeat, and those moments made us want to hear more. However, there did seem to be a clash of a few different melodies which dropped the overall tight feel of the track ever so slightly.

At points it feels as if the band are too loud for the vocals, drowning them out and making it feel a bit like noise rather than a catchy pop track. It held on to that edge of being a melody and would be something you would expect at a club night in FABRIC rather than a track you could find meaning to, which is sad because looking deeper into the lyrics there does seem to be some meaning in there. According to their website, ‘Zoom’ is all about ‘firefighters that start fires and their desire for meaning’, we find that a bit strange as we’re sure firefighters are there to put fires out…

The bridge goes a bit heavy grunge and that doesn’t quite work with what has happened before, but just about manages to work without making us give up on the track completely. The main theme seems to drop a bit in the mix and then comes back which was a bit weird and made it difficult to lock on to anything in particular.

We get the feeling that Last Dinosaurs aren’t afraid to try new and strange things, with drastic changes in tone, instrumentation, beat and cadence. They’ve done really well, but this track we feel just about scrapes by in places. Overall is extremely catch and will definitely do well, but we reckon this is a marmite track. You’ll either love it or hate it. Right now we’re undecided.

Here at TWSH we’d recommend checking out their other stuff, especially ‘Honolulu’ as it shows a completely different side to them.


Download ‘Zoom’ and ‘In A Million Years’

Check out more from ‘Last Dinosaurs’ here:

Facebook  SoundCoud  Twitter  Website (UK)  Website (Intl)  Youtube


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