007: Adele ‘Skyfall’

So we’ve reached that time again, a new James Bond movie is on the horizon and that means a brand spanking new theme tune.

We have to say that we haven’t been impressed with the themes of the noughties so far. None of them have had the classic wow factor of the old school themes like ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘Nobody Does it Better’. And no offence to the Americans but no one makes a classic Bond theme like a British musician.

Welcome to the stage Adele, a lady who has had an amazing career of late and has taken a break in this whirlwind time to get married and have a baby (all go agh). However the call of being a Bond girl was too strong and here we have Adele singing the latest theme ‘Skyfall’.

It opens with a classic brassy chord that we’d expect from Bond themes, dropping immediately into a bare piano line and Adele’s classic sound. On the next verse we get some more classic Bond theme sounds, guitar with some reverb and orchestral strings. When we hit the chorus we get those brassy tones back adn the rich orchestral sound that always made me think ‘on no, not another Bond movie’ when i was young and naive to these brilliant movies.

We expected the key change and the bridge that came next and Adele got stronger, again what we expected (we’re of undecided opinion on the backing vocals at this point). We were most disappointed, however, that we didn’t get a classic Adele, power infused rip on the last build up of the song. Don’t get us wrong it did build up, but not in the way that we expected or are used to, we didn’t get to the tingly point.

We’re thinking for this theme they went more for melody than power. We also reckon that Adele has probably been told to be careful after all the issues she had with her vocal chords, and we don’t want to upset baby either. So we understand why it may not have happened but we’re still disappointed.

Right now the lyrics don’t make much sense either, but we reckon they’ll be explained when the movie comes out…. typical Bond theme!

All in all it’s a return to the classic Bond theme but this one has divided the camp here at TWSH. Some of us feel a return to a good old classic theme and others feel like they’ve muted Adele, and whilst trying to return to classic form they haven’t gone far enough, it’s a bit watery and melancholy.

So the general opinion is there’s a secret something missing here. Drop your opinion in a tweet (@sheheardblog) or in the comments below!


Download Skyfall.

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