Cave Painting ‘So Calm’

iTunes have offered us another indie pop band this week in the form of Brighton hipsters Cave Painting. Whilst they did initially remind us of Fleet Foxes, we have been highly disappointed with this weeks SOTW. No disrespect to the lads, but we’ve been there, heard that and decided not to buy the t-shirt because we’ve heard this brand of monotonous indie/arty stuff too many times before.

So before we put you off completely let us explain exactly why we don’t rate this weeks single very much. The song started really well with a subtle atmospheric feel that made us all tingly as if something big was on it’s way. The vocals entered, high and etherial, again we had anticipation, we could even ignore the slight american twang that clearly isn’t natural to the singer, this could really go somewhere. Then the chorus came in and that excited anticipated feel completely disappeared. The track continues from there in the same static manner. It’s one of those songs that wouldn’t have you reaching for your phone to shazam it, it had very little impact on us. We’re also pretty sure that if these guys were the support act at a gig that we went to, we definitely wouldn’t remember who they were afterwards.

So lads if you do come across this review, then apologies, it’s not intended to offended. We just want something more and we’re not getting that warm fuzzy feeling.

We advise to give this weeks single a miss ourselves, but if you would like to do some research yourselves you can download ‘So Calm’ and Cave Paintings debut album ‘Votive Life’ .


And you can have a listen to some more of their music using the following links:

Facebook  SoundCloud   Twitter   Youtube   Website


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