Lucy Rose ‘Place’


English singer songwriter Lucy Rose is this weeks iTunes offering. Known for her vocals on the Bombay Bicycle Club albums ‘Flaws’ and ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ she is now establishing herself as a stand alone artist. At 18 Lucy moved to London to study Geography at university and ended up experimenting with music as a hobby, leading to her lending her backing vocals to Bombay Bicycle Club (which is also a very yummy London take away chain).

Lucy’s sweet, light tones introduce you gently to the song with more oomph coming in at the chorus. It feels like a beautiful entwinement of Laura Marling and City and Colour. However for someone so established we were disappointed in the lack of direction with this track. It started well, built up, dropped back down, built up again and then left us lingering at the end. There’s no doubt that Lucy Rose is an accomplished musician, but we feel that a better track could have been chosen to showcase her talent. The ending of ‘Place’ leaves us wanting something more and somewhat unsatisfied.

By no means, if you are left a bit lost and undecided by this track like we were, should you discount Lucy Rose. We had an explore of her other songs on her youtube channel and fell in love with the likes of ‘Scar’ and ‘Lines’ both of which are available on her debut album ‘Like I Used To’.


Download ‘Places’ here and ‘Like I Used To’ here

Fancy exploring lucy’s catalogue a bit more? Find out more about her using the following links:

Facebook Twitter YouTube Website


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