Rachel Sermanni ‘Waltz’


Rachel Sermanni is making a name for herself on the UK folk scene. She has emerged from her village of Carrbridge in the Highlands of Scotland over the past three years and has already duetted with the likes of Newton Faulkner and John William Grant, performed as support for KT Tunstall and been recorded and produced by Ben from Mumford and Sons. All that at the age of just 19.

Her hypnotic track ‘Waltz’ has now made it to the iTunes single of the week. With qualities similar to that of Feist, Ingrid Michalsson and Maria Taylor, Rachel has an age and range of depth and tone to her voice that makes singing feel like how it should, with depth of heart. She has a unique beauty to her voice, coupled with a light soothing melody. No one would blame you for missing your train stop on the way to work as she carries your mind away from the early morning rush hour.

The arrangement of the song allows you to connect with both voice and lyric, allowing you to take notice of their heart rending and touching quality, made all the more powerful by the sheer quality of her voice. For those of you with a romantic nature the song does as the title suggests, it gives the idea of two people, two hearts, locked together in a never ending waltz.

There is an essence of KT Tunstall and ‘Throw Me A Rope’, which is unsurprising considering who she has toured with. There is also a depth and smoothness to her tone that is recumbent of Rumer, especially in the later half of the song. Rachel Semmani’s wonderfully full and rich voice holds such an electrifying clarity and bell like top range, and sheer sense of ease, that soothes and relaxes you but genuinely has the hair standing up on the back of your neck, similar to that of Eva cassidy or Dar Williams.

Here at TWSH we reckon she could easily be featured in the sound track for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or might have made it on Charmed if she’d been a bit older. We’ve listened to this track on repeat a million times already and could do so all over again. If you like Mumford and sons or even Regina Spektor, then you’ll like this. This one is definitely a keeper.


Download ‘Waltz’ here

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